“Everywhere Women Are Raving About
   This Amazing New Wellness Retreat!”

When was the last time you laughed ‘til it hurt, felt safe, accepted and understood or you felt as if a great weight had been lifted off your shoulders?  Can you even remember back to when it used to feel good to cry?  If not, you’ll want to read every word of this important message.  You’ll get to experience all of this and so much more at the Women's Wellness Weekend Retreat!

Just imagine…your healing adventure begins with a short drive into the beautiful north Fraser Valley area, just past Mission.  You are surrounded by the beauty of majestic mountains, calming forest scenes and the peaceful Fraser River and Hatzic Lake.  Whether you choose a wild or cultivated taste of nature, It is a veritable feast for your senses!

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As you enter the sheltered gates of Camp Luther, you're enveloped in an overwhelming sense of peace and serenity - of getting away from it all. Don’t fight it… just let go.  You’re there at long last!  No more phones ringing, emails to worry about, work stress mounting up, annoying, demanding people, or endless housework to do.  Just a safe, serene and supportive environment for you to get back in touch with youself. This is your time and you deserve every precious minute of it!

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     Individual Registration
              $ 349.00
       You + One Friend  
 Decreases to $ 324.00 each
Save $ 25.00 each
$ 648.00
      You + Two Friends 
    Decreases to $ 299.00 each
Save $ 50.00 each
  $ 897.00
"How Will You Benefit From Attending The Women's Wellness Weekend Retreat?
What will you be enjoying at the Women's Wellness Weekend Retreat?

1.  Learn how to reduce stress, improve health and eliminate negative emotional blocks, so that you
     can be, do and have what you want in life.   Presented by award-winning stress relief specialist Sheryl
     Stanton, retired nurse.  (Click on the "About Us" tab to learn more about Sheryl)

2.  Enjoy a Laughter Yoga session.   Laughter Yoga is a series of breathing and easy movement exercises
     designed to teach the body to laugh without depending on jokes or humor.  It is an incredible stress-
     relieving, fee good exercise!

3.  Be taught basic "tasteful" Burlesque choreography.  Have a ton of fun learning some sexy moves,
     using your eyes, shoulders and hips.  Discover your "sexy" goddess that has been buried, hidden or
     perhaps yet undiscovered.

4.  A variety of interactive team activities guaranteed to make you laugh til you cry.

5.  And so much more that will be revealed when you get there!

There are several ways to register for the Women's Wellness Weekend Retreat:

1.  Through PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or eTransfers.  Note:  If you are having trouble registering through
      the site or want to use Paypal or eTransfers, please call Sheryl Stanton at (604) 302-1095 for assistance.

2.   By cheque.  Email stressreliefisyours@gmail.com first to make sure there is still room available. 
      Make the cheque out to Sheryl Stanton.  Mail it to 32962 11th Ave. Mission BC, V2V 2M1

What is the Investment for this Fun-Filled, Health and Heart Healing, 
All Expenses Paid  Weekend of 7 meals and 10 activities?
For the entire weekend you will be free from the constant, never-ending drains and demands on your time and energy.  Give yourself permission to indulge!  Think only about yourself for a change: your own wants, your deepest inner most needs and unfulfilled desires – totally guilt-free!  You’ve given a lot to others, you know it’s true.  This is your time, your energy and your chance for unconditional love and support. 

So go ahead… set yourself up to enjoy:

Revisit.  Reveal.  Release.   Rejoice in the Humor and Say Good-Bye Forever to those Painful Memories!

And that is just the beginning! There is SO MUCH MORE!  
But it is a Surprise!
1.  The peace and beauty of nature at your own private retreat.  When was the last time you heard
     silence?  Walked along the beach?  No traffic, no phones, no television or radio -- just the wind in the
     trees and the birds singing.  It's relaxing just to think about, isn't it?

2.  Two nights comfortable, homey accommodation (pajama party, anyone?)   Bring your pillow,
     sleeping bag or blankets, towels, PJs, toothbrush, diary and ... insecurities.  Experience our  
     Confidence Camp, (except you are not camping - you are in a comfortable lodge, with real beds)
     where you will be free to share and connect in a safe, nurturing environment.

3.  Fully catered, delicious meals - that YOU don't have to prepare, 
     serve or clean up after!

4.  Have fun using your creativity as you work together with your group 
     sisters in a variety of fun activities.  Be prepared to laugh til you cry!

5.  Create wonderful memories that will last far beyond the short time 
     we will actually be together.

6.  The opportunity to make new friends, that you probably would never have met otherwise.  Women 
      like you who want to grow and become better people. 

7.  Being introduced to and participating in a variety of activities that will help you take better care
     of your own needs when you are back in the real world.
           Do You Remember Day-Dreaming About What You
        Were Going To Be, Do And Have When You Grew Up?

For too many people, the dreams fade and they settle for what is, instead of what could be.  If you continue to live your life just the way you are now, will you be satisfied?  A minister once said that the saddest part of a funeral was not the death of the body.  It was the death of all the dreams.  

At the end of your life, the only thing you will take with you are your memories: the things you've learned, the lives you've touched, the memories you've created. 

I don't want to get to the end of my life having regrets for things not done.  Do You?

"Is Your Life: Fun?  Interesting?  Challenging?   Fulfilling? 
If It Isn't -- What Is Holding You Back?"

Are there areas of your life that you are not happy with:  Your health?     Your personal relationships?    Your financial security?     Your peace of mind or personal fulfillment?  

Many blame other people or circumstances for not having what they want.  They're not even aware that the reason for their lack is inside of themselves. 

--  They don't know that they have the power to remove those blocks - so that they can be, do and have what
     they dream about.  

--  They don't know how to remove them.  

--  Saddest of all, is that after awhile, they stop dreaming all together - and just exist: get up, go through the
    day, go to bed: day in, day out, same old, same old.                     

How Depressing!

Dr. John Thies, the founder of "Touch For Health" said: "Recognize that you can have whatever you are ready to accept.  It's not a matter of gaining anything; it's a matter of shedding things which have come between you and the successful universe which surrounds you right now."

If I said that there was a way that you could get what you wanted: legally, morally, ethically and affordably, would you want to know about it?  

The Magic 4-Step Formula for getting rid of what you don't want and getting what you do want will be revealed, explained and taught at the Women's Wellness Weekend Retreat on Friday to Sunday, April 10 to 12, 2015 at the Camp Luther Retreat Centre, just past Mission!

Why do I call it Magic?  Because it works - just like Magic!  
But that doesn't mean you don't have to do anything.  
"What Do You Have To Do For It To Work? 
You have to Show Up - Physically & Emotionally!"

Who Should Attend?

Any woman, age 18 to 80, who wants to have fun, feel good and learn ways to look after herself!

How Will Your Life Be Better When You Attend the Workshop?

You will learn  how to monitor your own personal stress level.  Most of us are not aware of how high our stress level really is until something happens.  Usually, we get sick!  According to the World Health Organization (WHO) between 70 to 85% of ALL illnesses, pain and injuries are stress related!  

For example, for 82% of the women who die from heart attacks, the first sign that they have a heart problem is their DEATH!   Knowledge is Power!  You want to know what your stress level is - so you can reduce it - BEFORE you get sick!

You will  understand what the TRUE CAUSE of your stress is – and it’s not what you think it is!  You will know why you have done things you don't want to do - or haven't done the things you do want to do - getting results you don't want to have. This understanding alone will bring so much peace to your life.

Most important of all, YOU will be shown how to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER and CONTROL YOUR LIFE!  You can be CALM, CONFIDENT and IN CONTROL, no matter what is happening - or not happening, in your life!

Here is What Other Seminar Attendees Have Said:

“Recently I attended a “seminar” weekend retreat that was based on Sheryl Stanton’s work with “stress relief”.  It was extremely informative.  I found Sheryl to be an excellent speaker, offering both humor and fact in her presentation.  I have no doubt Sheryl has the integrity and strong health background to work with many in relieving their stress and teaching them the ability to grow and bypass the stress in such a fast-paced world as ours.    Pamela Johnson, Owner of Design Escape (Promotional Products/Graphic Design)

“Sheryl Stanton has a very approachable way of presenting the material.  To fully acknowledge, understand and deal with your stress requires a safe environment.  Sheryl was able to create this immediately and therefore I was able to fully absorb the information on EFT and even feel safe enough to get up and be a participant.  EFT itself is an amazing tool but Sheryl has an additional way of connecting with her audience and helping all of the participants to feel connected to one another, allowing for immediate change on the spot.  Time well spent!        Nicole Worden  LaFunnyGirl Edutainment, White Rock

Cancellation Policy: If you are unable to attend, you have two options: you can save your registration fee for the next retreat or workshop (we have them twice a year) or you will receive a 75% refund of your investment.

Would you like to further reduce your registration fee or earn some extra income?  

If you let your network of contacts know about the Women's Wellness Weekend Retreat, I would like to give my advertising budget to you.  If you are interested in knowing more of the details, please email me at stressreliefisyours@gmail.com
Ebook:  Quick Tips to Reduce Stress and Increase Energy

9 short lessons (with pictures) that each reveal a wonderfully effective tip or exercise that will help to increase your energy, reduce your stress and eliminate pain.  Each lesson builds on the other. When all are applied, they only take about five minutes to do. What a wonderful difference just five minutes a day will make in your life! 
Special Report:  What is the TRUE CAUSE of Your Stress?  
The Answer May Surprise You.

Most people say that it is this person or that experience that is stressing them, but they are wrong.  It is how they perceive the person or experience that is stressing them.  This special report explains where the stress really comes from and how it is affecting you.
4 short video Ecourse:  3 Massive Mistakes 
Even Smart Women Make That 
Keep Them Overstressed, Unhappy and Unhealthy

Each approx. 8 minute video reveals the unconscious behaviors we have that are unsuccessfully trying to resolve the emotional problems we are trying to deal with - and offers a solution that works!

Saturday only: 4 meals, 5 activities
Friday+ Saturday: 6 meals, 8 activities
Saturday + Sunday: 5 meals, 7 activities